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I’ve been on a spiritual journey for many years and this is where I’ll write some thoughts as they come to me. I’ve named the category Spirituality due to it’s broad appeal.

Scriptural Truth Is Enlightenment, Not Words in a Book

We all have scriptural Truth (capitalized because it refers to God) buried within the depths of our being.

We catch glimpses of the Truth at odd moments, not recognizing what it is. We often feel there is something more in life that we’re missing. We’ll ponder a profound thought to grasp its inner meaning. We sometimes wonder about the nature of deep spiritual things. Sound familiar?

The reason scriptural Truth eludes us is we have not opened ourselves up to receive it on a continuing basis. It should be a constant awareness. It is our very life itself!

Scriptural Truth is like mathematics. . . . .

One person studies algebra because it’s required of him in school. He never takes an interest in learning, deems it as “hard to learn”, and barely gets by. After a short time, because he has no reason to practice it, he forgets anything he memorized in class. Continue reading

Millionaire Principles For Infinite Supply

So, you want to be a millionaire? Actually you already are when you realize God’s infinite supply.

millionaire supply of money

*Millionaire Principles

And he said unto him, “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” Luke 15:31
So, you ask, “How do I tap into this infinite supply; this millionaire mind?”

And the answer is, “Let go of all that we currently have.”

Sound silly? Sound impractical? What we already have is of an earthly nature. We cannot fill a vessel already full and so we have to empty it first. But only in our concepts. We must re-educate ourselves as to the nature of supply and the source of a millionaire mind.

When one understands that we are all ONE – that we all belong to the same “I AM”, one comes to the awareness that supply can never be depleted upon the spending of it. Continue reading

The Love of God and Power of Spiritual Prayer

Spiritual healing prayer

I’m a living example of spiritual healing prayer when rightly applied.

the power of spiritual healing

*The power of spiritual healing prayer.

I’m forever grateful for the power of spiritual healing prayer. A few years ago, during a trip to Florida to see my grown children and grandchildren,  I had the privilege of visiting with my old school principle from the 4th grade through the 12th grade. He asked if I ever had any repercussions from the critical accident I experienced as a 10-year-old child. The answer I gave him was “NO, none”.

In May 1955, toward the end of that school year, I had been playing at the park after school. I was walking on top of the parallel bars when I slipped and fell to the ground. I seemed to have dislocated my shoulder blade (not medically diagnosed) and my mother allowed me to stay home from school the next day.

That afternoon my father had to drive to another town about 15 miles away to pick up some powdered insecticide to kill the mosquitoes that bred in the bushes around the house exterior and he asked if I’d like to ride with him. I said “OK”. He took the old red truck.

On the way back, along a two-lane road, the front wheel came off the truck and we veered into the oncoming lane and were hit head-on by a full-size car. Of course, seat belts were not invented for vehicles then so I was not strapped in.

My head hit the windshield and the impact threw me out the open side window (no air-conditioning). Then the truck overturned and pinned me underneath. Fifty-pound bags of insecticide burst open and spilled all over my body. Continue reading

An Old Story About Entrance Into Heaven

angel from heavenThere is an old, old story about a great spiritual teacher who knocked at the gates of heaven for admission into paradise. After some time, God came to the door and inquired, “Who is there? Who knocks?”

To this query, came the confident response, “It is I.”

“Sorry, very sorry. There is no room in heaven. Go away. You will have to come back some other time.”

The good man, surprised at the rebuff, went away puzzled. After several years spent in meditating and pondering over this strange reception, he returned and knocked again at the gate. He was met with the same question and gave a similar response. Once again, he was told that were was no room in heaven; it was completely filled at that time.

In the years that passed, the teacher went deeper and deeper within himself, meditating and pondering. After a long period of time had elapsed, he knocked at the gates of heaven for the third time. Again God asked, “Who is there?” Continue reading

Understanding the Science of Healing in The World Today

medical scienceUnderstanding Science

SCIENCE: (According to my Standard Encyclopedic Dictionary 1975, from college)  An orderly presentation of facts, reasonings, doctrines, and beliefs concerning some subject or group of subjects. Expertness or skill resulting from knowledge.

The average people, when thinking of a healing for disease, flu, headache, bones, etc. consult Medical Science. This is because the body is considered to be anatomical. Doctors spend a number of years learning the science of how the body works.

While medical science has done a wonderful job for hundreds of thousands of people+, the cost and side effects of conventional medicine does, indeed, often initiate a challenge.

There ARE alternatives. Science is a practice, and some people have discovered practicing the science of Christianity.

Science is the truth of all real being.

Just as there’s a science to how technology works, how mathematics come together for one right answer, and a science regarding the force of gravity, there’s also a science that Jesus knew when he performed what the world calls ‘healing’. Continue reading

Feeling the Conscious Presence of the One God

The presence of God is here…awareness of the presence of God

Religion is a very personal belief system and most people in the world believe in God and some sort of “religion”. But also, a lot of people are afraid to talk about God to others or in public environments for fear of persecution, either physically or verbally.

In the Bible, it’s stated that even though you make your bed in hell, God is there. But to experience God, we must be consciously aware of His presence regardless of where we are or who we’re with.

Christians are being persecuted and tortured by enemies of Christianity much like Jews were persecuted and tortured by enemies of Judaism in years past (and going waaay past). Unfortunately, the Jews continue to be persecuted today, also.

But God still prevails. A lot of religions teach that there’s only one God, but yet fear the beliefs of others who have “another” God. Why is this? Continue reading

Healing Today’s World With Spiritual Understanding

healing the worldThere are billions of persons walking this globe in search of healing. Physical healing, mental healing, emotional healing. News stories perpetuate the idea we have need of medical procedures, vitamins, or exercise equipment.

How desperate we are to want “good” feelings, emotions, bodily appearances! How much money do we spend to bring such things into our experience?

Healing indicates a possible lack of something. Perhaps we feel we have a lack of “good” health. Or we lack forgiveness for someone and that needs to be healed. We may feel we have lack of a good relationship with another human being. Or, perhaps we lack a substantial income and believe we need a “financial” healing.

The other side of the coin says we have, not a lack of something, but rather some foreign substance or condition that doesn’t belong. In this case, we determine we have something “to get rid of“. Psychologists will tell one he needs to eliminate stress or worry to be “healed” of a certain physical problem. The medical profession will tell us we need to get rid of pounds, or too much time in the sun! There seems to always be a ‘theory’.

Let’s take a look at this “thing”, this “physical problem” that may need healing. If we examine ourselves, we may find we believe the words, “The body is the temple of the living God”. But upon closer examination, we discover we neither know what the “body” is nor what the “living God” is.

We have been taught there are 2 powers – good and evil, and that we have either good health or poor health. Continue reading

First Commandment – What Do We Really Know About it?

The First-Commandment is the most important.The First-Commandment

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

This commandment means thou shalt not give recognition to any thing unlike God or to fear any thing in the world. Or, to put any negative thought or opinion into the world. Today’s world would have a ‘terrorist’, even when simply spoken about in the news with photographs, bring fear into your mind. And then, we talk about it, read about it, listen to it, think about it, imagine it, comment on it… giving life to terror and giving something other than God the power in our lives.

The Scriptures state there is only ONE power and that ONE is God. Give God (good) the power in mind, in thought, in the spoken word, in Truth. Continue reading

In The Beginning, God Created Man as a Spiritual Image

Spiritual Birth

I have a friend who always tells me when I try to relate a story, “start at the beginning” because, it seems, I often start in the middle. I have never liked walking into a movie in the middle of the story, so I understand.

It got me thinking about my spiritual beginning…

In the beginning God created man (male and female) in His image, SPIRIT. Further in Genesis it says God’s work was done and everything He created was good (emphasis on GOOD). End of creation. Period. That’s it… DONE.

Supposedly a second creation occurs from DIRT (absolute opposite from Spirit). A lowly snake-in-the-grass tricks (temptation via a lie) Eve into eating (digesting, believing) the fruit of ‘matter’, a tree of knowledge of good and evil that will ultimately provide her with an education of good and evil. Does she know MORE than God that she goes against his word? Oh, does she ever make a big mistake. Immediate guilt of believing the serpent’s lie! Continue reading