A Worldwide Healing Religion

We are a branch of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, MA, founded in 1879.

We are located at ________________________________

________________________________ and lovingly welcome ALL members of our community.


  • Sunday Services 10:00AM (child care provided)
  • Sunday School 10:00AM up to 20 yrs.
  • Wednesday Meetings 7:30PM
  • Reading Room Mon-Fri, 11-2


  • Practitioner Treatment
  • Nursing Care
  • Summer Camps
  • Primary School
  • Principia College

A Ministry of Spiritual Healing

The Church of Christ, Scientist, is a Christian denomination, with the Bible and especially Jesus’ teachings at the heart and soul of its practice.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy states: “Jesus established his church and maintained his mission on a spiritual foundation of Christ-healing.” This is the continuing mission of the Church of Christ, Scientist.

The practice of this system of Christian healing has resulted in significant cures of physical and mental problems for over a century, with many of these accounts available online. In Christian Science, God is seen as always upholding health and well-being.

The power of prayer lies not in faith alone but in a deeper understanding of God’s divine laws that embrace humanity. Everyone can choose for themselves and their families the kind of health care that meets their needs. By practicing Christian Science, many have lived free of drugs and other systems of physical care.

(Excerpt from “What is Christian Science?” brochure, copyright 2015 The Christian Science Board of Directors.)


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Mary Baker Eddy discovered the lost element of healing after being given up by the medical profession after a serious accident. She wanted to know the ‘how’ of instantaneous healing that Jesus demonstrated.

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The Bible together with Science and Health serve as the universal Pastor for the worldwide Church, providing always available guidance and inspiration, as well as the sermons and readings for worship services

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We offer spiritual education School classes, weekly Bible Lessons in the Christian Science Quarterly, as well as a two-week course on spiritual healing from an authorized Christian Science teacher.

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Sunday School for students up to the age of twenty are discussion-based classes on the Bible and how to apply its timeless lessons to contemporary life. School, family, peers, etc. are common topics.

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Testimonies are a regular part of our church activities. Every Wednesday, you can hear real people describe how Christian Science has helped them in some aspect of life... Illness, Accident, Financial, Fear, Relationships, Addiction, Housing, Employment.