A Worldwide Healing Religion

Example #4 – $525

What’s Included:

Neutral theme colors as you see here.

Customization for Church header photograph

Clickable header, returning to home page.

Home page layout as is. Simply edit the green left sidebar. Images in the blocks may be changed but must be sized 183×183 (pixels).

A total of seven page tabs. Home and Contact, + Our Founder, Our Pastor, Bible Lessons, Sunday School, and Reading Room, five of which content must be supplied to me by the branch church in your own words. Price includes limited images (see information on each linked page). No limit on words.

One optional additional right side bar block. (video?)

MBE or Bible quote in the footer (you decide).

Up to 20 outside links (as resources) i.e. Mary Baker Eddy Library.

Appropriate keywords on all your pages so the Search Engines ( aka Google) pick them up.

Connections to your social media sites, if applicable.

Two revisions.


Extra Pages, $10 per, text only (you supply)

Extra Images (for pages other than the home page), $15 per (you supply)

Embedded video $20 per. URL path to Vimeo or YouTube accepted.

Simple contact form with Captcha instead of basic info. – $10

Special request font – $5

Favicon (custom image in the browser bar) $5

Set-up Blog page including SEO for posts – $25

Changes after site goes live – $25hr.

Maintenance Program (updates, backups, monitoring, etc) $25 per month.

Tracking enabled – # of visitors, visitor location (helpful for lecture invites), pages visited, etc. $5 per month

Anything else? Please Ask.



Testimonies are a regular part of our church activities. Every Wednesday, you can hear real people describe how Christian Science has helped them in some aspect of life... Illness, Accident, Financial, Fear, Relationships, Addiction, Housing, Employment.