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The First-Commandment is the most important.The First-Commandment

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

This commandment means thou shalt not give recognition to any thing unlike God or to fear any thing in the world. Or, to put any negative thought or opinion into the world. Today’s world would have a ‘terrorist’, even when simply spoken about in the news with photographs, bring fear into your mind. And then, we talk about it, read about it, listen to it, think about it, imagine it, comment on it… giving life to terror and giving something other than God the power in our lives.

The Scriptures state there is only ONE power and that ONE is God. Give God (good) the power in mind, in thought, in the spoken word, in Truth.

To truly live the first commandment, we MUST turn away from seeing evil, listening to bad news, and believing in everything unlike good (God). Otherwise, we have broken the first commandment.

To really live the First-Commandment disallows us to kill or steal or adulterate or covet…. not even to take the Lord’s name in vain.

To really live the First-Commandment prevents us from idolizing any one, any thing. How many people do you know who ‘idolize’ (worship) money, fame, super stars? Shame on us. Is it no wonder the world seems to have drifted away from God and end up with stress? We tend to keep Him in our back pocket and get him out when we have an emergency, like keeping a spare key or a box of tissues in case we sneeze.

Living the First-Commandment also has us not giving any god-quality (power) to material forms. God is Spirit and as the only power, matter is an opposite to Spirit, with no power at all. Because society has brainwashed people through ads and programming, people run right out and get the first new medical device they hear about because they may need it. This is believing God as not having all we need. God is omnipotent!

Are you willing to put MORE EFFORT into living the First Commandment? If so, life could be sooo much better.

“Thou shalt have NO other gods before me.”

This is my personal understanding. You decide for yourself. To read the complete Ten Commandments, go to Exodus 20: 13-17 in the Bible.

Always obey the “First-Commandment”.

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