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Healing Today’s World With Spiritual Understanding

healing the worldThere are billions of persons walking this globe in search of healing. Physical healing, mental healing, emotional healing. News stories perpetuate the idea we have need of medical procedures, vitamins, or exercise equipment.

How desperate we are to want “good” feelings, emotions, bodily appearances! How much money do we spend to bring such things into our experience?

Healing indicates a possible lack of something. Perhaps we feel we have a lack of “good” health. Or we lack forgiveness for someone and that needs to be healed. We may feel we have lack of a good relationship with another human being. Or, perhaps we lack a substantial income and believe we need a “financial” healing.

The other side of the coin says we have, not a lack of something, but rather some foreign substance or condition that doesn’t belong. In this case, we determine we have something “to get rid of“. Psychologists will tell one he needs to eliminate stress or worry to be “healed” of a certain physical problem. The medical profession will tell us we need to get rid of pounds, or too much time in the sun! There seems to always be a ‘theory’.

Let’s take a look at this “thing”, this “physical problem” that may need healing. If we examine ourselves, we may find we believe the words, “The body is the temple of the living God”. But upon closer examination, we discover we neither know what the “body” is nor what the “living God” is.

We have been taught there are 2 powers – good and evil, and that we have either good health or poor health.

Body is the substance, not what we see with our human eyes, but the essence of who we are. Body is a spiritual quality consisting of all that God is. Body is the whole, the components of life itself.

The Living God is the very life we breathe. When God breathed into us life, it was not our life, but His. God does not “do”, God “is”! God is the fabric of our being. God is always BEING. The nature of God is perfection, love, life, fulfillment. Therefore, we can only express these same qualities EXCEPT we have separated ourselves from Him with false beliefs.

To be true to oneself includes knowing the truth of one’s being. We need “healing” only due to our ignorance of the nature of God. When Jesus healed, he didn’t petition God to DO something, he ACKNOWLEDGED the presence of God. This presence is perfection.

You ask, “How can I have the same consciousness as the healing Christ which embodied Jesus?” This is the goal of all spiritual seekers. In one’s lifetime, if he spent as much time in meditation as he spent in recreation he would already have that answer. If we are to sacrifice anything, let it not be our “health”, but our time. Meditation reveals the “still small voice” that speaks to one the Truth of his being. It is the Living God within – Perfection in every sense of the word. Perfect Health, Perfect Love, Perfect Life.

The only thing that needs healing in one’s life is the belief that something needs healing. There never has been God AND something else.

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