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medical scienceUnderstanding Science

SCIENCE: (According to my Standard Encyclopedic Dictionary 1975, from college)  An orderly presentation of facts, reasonings, doctrines, and beliefs concerning some subject or group of subjects. Expertness or skill resulting from knowledge.

The average people, when thinking of a healing for disease, flu, headache, bones, etc. consult Medical Science. This is because the body is considered to be anatomical. Doctors spend a number of years learning the science of how the body works.

While medical science has done a wonderful job for hundreds of thousands of people+, the cost and side effects of conventional medicine does, indeed, often initiate a challenge.

There ARE alternatives. Science is a practice, and some people have discovered practicing the science of Christianity.

Science is the truth of all real being.

Just as there’s a science to how technology works, how mathematics come together for one right answer, and a science regarding the force of gravity, there’s also a science that Jesus knew when he performed what the world calls ‘healing’.

People who study technology have the ability to discover the science of how technology works; likewise, someone who studies quantum physics. Not everyone comes to the great understanding, but dedication to the study in order to find answers is always the right path. I’ve always known there’s a science to the harmony of music, but I never understood the principle of it, therefore I never learned to play a musical instrument. I just know that the principle exists.

Did you ever watch a magician when you were a child? Everything the magician did was considered a ‘mystery’ or a ‘miracle’. As your understanding matured, you saw the ‘magic’ was just an illusion. So it was that Jesus saw the illusion people were living in, and his understanding of that fact, healed those who put their faith in him. Jesus applied his knowledge of Truth.

When Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian science, lay dying, she had what was called a ‘mysterious’ healing followed by intense study to why she was healed. Her studies took her back to the teachings of Jesus and how HE healed. She discovered there was a science to it, not just wishing and hoping and speaking hollow words. There was depth to the words, aka understanding of God’s perfect creation, as mentioned in the first chapter of Genesis.

Healing comes through spiritual understanding, thus Jesus told his followers (including us), “Having eyes, ye see not…” In other words, it’s not the material body that sees, but rather the infinite consciousness, which most of us have trouble relating to. In order to understand spiritual perfection, it takes study!!

Mary Baker Eddy gave the world a book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. It’s a companion to the Bible and explains the science of healing in order to gain or re-gain our God-given health (which is really, our natural state of being). You can read it online here. It contains healing messages, without medical means. The last chapter entitled Fruitage has bona-fide, proven, and verified testimonies of all sorts of healing that you’ll be sure to find interesting and can relate to!

I, myself, had what was considered by a hospital doctor and medical department, a ‘miraculous’ healing as a child when I was diagnosed as “critical” after an auto accident.

Christian Science heals through prayer.

If you haven’t tried it, perhaps you should. Especially if you’ve gotten unsatisfactory results from the medical profession. It has been around for over 150 years and has literally thousands of testimonials of healing during this time that are published on a weekly and monthly basis in periodical magazines.

Medical procedures abound in every hospital and medical clinic in all towns and cities. Health care is almost a household word and the topic of political subject on a daily basis. Jesus healed instantly! He didn’t recommend medical procedures, but rather taught his disciples to heal the sick, sinning, and dying using God’s spiritual law, not the laws of mortal man.

Christian Science is based on the teachings of Jesus

… healing as he did and as he taught. Don’t be afraid to try something ‘out of the ordinary’. I’m not putting the medical profession down here; like I stated earlier, they do wonderful work. But it’s not the only way.

In the first paragraph of this article, I quoted one definition of “science” as facts (proven facts). Facts are usually proven by testing – over and over and over to come to a factual conclusion. This is what Mary Baker Eddy did after her discovery of the science of spiritual healing. She tested and tested and tested, again, to prove to herself and to those who came to her with physical problems that spiritual healing is, indeed, possible. She discovered how to pray effectively, not through repetition or ineffective words that we believe, but undoubtedly that we fail to understand.

Mrs. Eddy founded a worldwide church as the early students of hers went into the public field to practice what she taught them. These students were called ‘practitioners’ and are still practicing the art of spiritual healing today. If you need healing of illness, accident, relationships, finance, moral or mental problems, or are suffering from any thing, make a call to a practitioner of your choice. They’re all trained to help YOU through rightful prayer with the Love of God. A list can be found here. Tell them of your need. Ask what they charge… health and peace of mind IS worth something for their service. I am not a practitioner, but I’ve certainly used many of them when I was in need of healing.

Give Christian Science a try by searching below.