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We all have scriptural Truth (capitalized because it refers to God) buried within the depths of our being.

We catch glimpses of the Truth at odd moments, not recognizing what it is. We often feel there is something more in life that we’re missing. We’ll ponder a profound thought to grasp its inner meaning. We sometimes wonder about the nature of deep spiritual things. Sound familiar?

The reason scriptural Truth eludes us is we have not opened ourselves up to receive it on a continuing basis. It should be a constant awareness. It is our very life itself!

Scriptural Truth is like mathematics. . . . .

One person studies algebra because it’s required of him in school. He never takes an interest in learning, deems it as “hard to learn”, and barely gets by. After a short time, because he has no reason to practice it, he forgets anything he memorized in class.

A second person studies algebra and grasps some of the formulas as being necessary for certain professions. He has a basic understanding for simple problems but doesn’t see the application for himself. Even though he never practices algebra, he continues to maintain a minimum understanding and can draw upon it with some degree of re-education.

A third person awakens to the possibilities of what algebra can do, drinks up as much knowledge as possible and goes out and uses the principle of algebra in everyday situations. He makes it a part of himself and the principle of algebra becomes embedded in his consciousness so that he practices it without even thinking.

The key here is PRACTICING scriptural Truth. With practice we can maintain at least a small application of Truth. And with a small application comes some understanding of the principle and understanding the principle breeds experience. Its the EXPERIENCE of scriptural Truth that we are all seeking. When the EXPERIENCE hits us, everything changes with that enlightenment. We see things in a totally different perspective. Others will not understand until they, too, have a spiritual experience.

How do we practice scripture?

We start by quieting our human thoughts about anything and everything. We’re receptive to the inner voice deep within our being. That’s where our true self resides. We “shut the door” to human thoughts and emotions. It may not be easy, but that’s where we start. With lots of practice and deep contemplation, this becomes “second nature”. Truth will be revealed, not by what someone else says or writes, but by what comes forth from within… that ‘still small voice’ of God.

scriptural truthThe Bible states scriptural Truth, but until we recognize it as such, it’s just ink on paper. Do the words resonate?? Do we contemplate the deep meaning of the words? If so, we are growing in our spiritual understanding. If we simply read the scriptures for the history or for a story, then we’re ‘missing the mark’.

I read for understanding… then try to apply it into my daily activities. Mary Baker Eddy wrote a book, “Science and Health with key to the Scriptures” which has been a wonderful accompaniment to my study. Read it here.