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Scriptural Truth Is Enlightenment, Not Words in a Book

We all have scriptural Truth (capitalized because it refers to God) buried within the depths of our being.

We catch glimpses of the Truth at odd moments, not recognizing what it is. We often feel there is something more in life that we’re missing. We’ll ponder a profound thought to grasp its inner meaning. We sometimes wonder about the nature of deep spiritual things. Sound familiar?

The reason scriptural Truth eludes us is we have not opened ourselves up to receive it on a continuing basis. It should be a constant awareness. It is our very life itself!

Scriptural Truth is like mathematics. . . . .

One person studies algebra because it’s required of him in school. He never takes an interest in learning, deems it as “hard to learn”, and barely gets by. After a short time, because he has no reason to practice it, he forgets anything he memorized in class. Continue reading

Understanding the Science of Healing in The World Today

medical scienceUnderstanding Science

SCIENCE: (According to my Standard Encyclopedic Dictionary 1975, from college)  An orderly presentation of facts, reasonings, doctrines, and beliefs concerning some subject or group of subjects. Expertness or skill resulting from knowledge.

The average people, when thinking of a healing for disease, flu, headache, bones, etc. consult Medical Science. This is because the body is considered to be anatomical. Doctors spend a number of years learning the science of how the body works.

While medical science has done a wonderful job for hundreds of thousands of people+, the cost and side effects of conventional medicine does, indeed, often initiate a challenge.

There ARE alternatives. Science is a practice, and some people have discovered practicing the science of Christianity.

Science is the truth of all real being.

Just as there’s a science to how technology works, how mathematics come together for one right answer, and a science regarding the force of gravity, there’s also a science that Jesus knew when he performed what the world calls ‘healing’. Continue reading

First Commandment – What Do We Really Know About it?

The First-Commandment is the most important.The First-Commandment

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

This commandment means thou shalt not give recognition to any thing unlike God or to fear any thing in the world. Or, to put any negative thought or opinion into the world. Today’s world would have a ‘terrorist’, even when simply spoken about in the news with photographs, bring fear into your mind. And then, we talk about it, read about it, listen to it, think about it, imagine it, comment on it… giving life to terror and giving something other than God the power in our lives.

The Scriptures state there is only ONE power and that ONE is God. Give God (good) the power in mind, in thought, in the spoken word, in Truth. Continue reading