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Christian Science

Understanding the Science of Healing in The World Today

medical scienceUnderstanding Science

SCIENCE: (According to my Standard Encyclopedic Dictionary 1975, from college)  An orderly presentation of facts, reasonings, doctrines, and beliefs concerning some subject or group of subjects. Expertness or skill resulting from knowledge.

The average people, when thinking of a healing for disease, flu, headache, bones, etc. consult Medical Science. This is because the body is considered to be anatomical. Doctors spend a number of years learning the science of how the body works.

While medical science has done a wonderful job for hundreds of thousands of people+, the cost and side effects of conventional medicine does, indeed, often initiate a challenge.

There ARE alternatives. Science is a practice, and some people have discovered practicing the science of Christianity.

Science is the truth of all real being.

Just as there’s a science to how technology works, how mathematics come together for one right answer, and a science regarding the force of gravity, there’s also a science that Jesus knew when he performed what the world calls ‘healing’. Continue reading