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Millionaire Principles For Infinite Supply

So, you want to be a millionaire? Actually you already are when you realize God’s infinite supply.

millionaire supply of money

*Millionaire Principles

And he said unto him, “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” Luke 15:31
So, you ask, “How do I tap into this infinite supply; this millionaire mind?”

And the answer is, “Let go of all that we currently have.”

Sound silly? Sound impractical? What we already have is of an earthly nature. We cannot fill a vessel already full and so we have to empty it first. But only in our concepts. We must re-educate ourselves as to the nature of supply and the source of a millionaire mind.

When one understands that we are all ONE – that we all belong to the same “I AM”, one comes to the awareness that supply can never be depleted upon the spending of it. Continue reading