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In The Beginning, God Created Man as a Spiritual Image

Spiritual Birth

I have a friend who always tells me when I try to relate a story, “start at the beginning” because, it seems, I often start in the middle. I have never liked walking into a movie in the middle of the story, so I understand.

It got me thinking about my spiritual beginning…

In the beginning God created man (male and female) in His image, SPIRIT. Further in Genesis it says God’s work was done and everything He created was good (emphasis on GOOD). End of creation. Period. That’s it… DONE.

Supposedly a second creation occurs from DIRT (absolute opposite from Spirit). A lowly snake-in-the-grass tricks (temptation via a lie) Eve into eating (digesting, believing) the fruit of ‘matter’, a tree of knowledge of good and evil that will ultimately provide her with an education of good and evil. Does she know MORE than God that she goes against his word? Oh, does she ever make a big mistake. Immediate guilt of believing the serpent’s lie! Continue reading