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Scriptural Truth Is Enlightenment, Not Words in a Book

We all have scriptural Truth (capitalized because it refers to God) buried within the depths of our being.

We catch glimpses of the Truth at odd moments, not recognizing what it is. We often feel there is something more in life that we’re missing. We’ll ponder a profound thought to grasp its inner meaning. We sometimes wonder about the nature of deep spiritual things. Sound familiar?

The reason scriptural Truth eludes us is we have not opened ourselves up to receive it on a continuing basis. It should be a constant awareness. It is our very life itself!

Scriptural Truth is like mathematics. . . . .

One person studies algebra because it’s required of him in school. He never takes an interest in learning, deems it as “hard to learn”, and barely gets by. After a short time, because he has no reason to practice it, he forgets anything he memorized in class. Continue reading

Healing Today’s World With Spiritual Understanding

healing the worldThere are billions of persons walking this globe in search of healing. Physical healing, mental healing, emotional healing. News stories perpetuate the idea we have need of medical procedures, vitamins, or exercise equipment.

How desperate we are to want “good” feelings, emotions, bodily appearances! How much money do we spend to bring such things into our experience?

Healing indicates a possible lack of something. Perhaps we feel we have a lack of “good” health. Or we lack forgiveness for someone and that needs to be healed. We may feel we have lack of a good relationship with another human being. Or, perhaps we lack a substantial income and believe we need a “financial” healing.

The other side of the coin says we have, not a lack of something, but rather some foreign substance or condition that doesn’t belong. In this case, we determine we have something “to get rid of“. Psychologists will tell one he needs to eliminate stress or worry to be “healed” of a certain physical problem. The medical profession will tell us we need to get rid of pounds, or too much time in the sun! There seems to always be a ‘theory’.

Let’s take a look at this “thing”, this “physical problem” that may need healing. If we examine ourselves, we may find we believe the words, “The body is the temple of the living God”. But upon closer examination, we discover we neither know what the “body” is nor what the “living God” is.

We have been taught there are 2 powers – good and evil, and that we have either good health or poor health. Continue reading